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Our dispatchers and flood response technicians are available 24/7 to help you with your flooded home or business, and to restore any water damage to your property.

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Flood Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration Services 24/7

We know how difficult a flood can be, and are ready to help with your water damage restoration needs.

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Flood Cleanup

Wherever the South Carolina flooding impacted you, we’re here for you. Our South Carolina flood cleanup experts are available around the clock to remove the water, start the restoration process and get things back to normal as soon as possible. Please don’t delay. Instead, contact us ASAP.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is widespread across South Carolina, including areas like Charleston, Florence City, Cane Bay, Summerville, Forest Acres and Arcadia Lakes. And many companies have come into the area to help. It’s essential that you choose a good water damage restoration company that will take the right actions — and take them quickly.

Disaster Response

At Orange Restoration Columbia, we’re the company you can trust for your disaster response — just like so many others have before. We’ll professionally guide you through the disaster response process, handling as much as possible for you. There are actions that must be taken quickly to minimize losses and secure your property.

Orange Restoration Columbia, South Carolina

At Orange Restoration Columbia, we meet people like you when things are at their worst. After a flooding disaster, we know it’s easy to feel devastated. Panic is a natural reaction.

Our Columbia, South Carolina flood cleanup and water damage restoration experts are ready to take action at your home or business. While we can’t reverse time and eliminate the need for our disaster response services, we can help you put things back to normal so it’s like the damage and mess never happened as soon as possible.

We’re pleased to serve Columbia and the surrounding areas, including Dorchester, Richland and Berkeley counties. Turn to us no matter whether you’re in Charleston, Florence City or one of the other areas impacted by the devastating flooding crisis in South Carolina. We’ll be there for you in Cane Bay, Summerville, Forest Acres, Arcadia Lakes or wherever you need our help. Our 24-hour flood damage technicians are always available.

Orange Restoration Services

Flood damage and the need for water damage restoration are a fact of life in South Carolina now. Many different kinds of properties in this area have been impacted by water and flood damage. If you’ve been the victim of a disaster, please know that we understand. We’ve been through the experience with so many others.

While we know it’s had to face facts sometimes and tempting to delay your flood cleanup and water damage restoration project, quick action leads to the best possible results. In many cases, your insurance covers all the costs of flood cleanup. And in all cases, our team of experienced experts at Orange Restoration can make the recovery process go smoothly for you.

Contact Orange Restoration Columbia and leave the hard work to us. There may be other things you have to deal with on your own, but flood damage cleanup and restoration isn’t one of them.

Flood Cleanup In Columbia And Beyond

As many as 25 of every 1,000 residences around the nation experience a flood annual, and we’re genuinely sorry that it was your turn this time. But please take action right away to minimize further damage and begin the cleanup process. Not only will all that moisture do its damage, but it will create an environment that’s perfect for the growth of mold and other fungi and bacteria.


Orange Restoration Columbia’s team of flood cleanup experts are on the ground in Dorchester, Richland and Berkeley counties and beyond, helping clients now. We can help you too.

Let us:

  • Remove all that water.
  • Dry out the structure of your home or commercial building.
  • Ventilate to prevent mold growth.
  • Disinfect to ensure safety.
  • Restore your property to pre-loss condition.
flooded home in columbia, sc

While each of these processes actually involves many steps, the sooner we start, the sooner things will be back to normal. You can count on us to handle the process in a correct and methodical manner, work with your insurance carrier and keep you informed at every step of the way.

South Carolina Water Damage Restoration

You may not realize that taking the wrong water damage restoration actions can do more harm than good. Delaying action always leads to additional damage.

Mold and bacteria growth start quickly, and you can’t correct those issues yourself. Hiring a Columbia water damage restoration company is the best way to put things right.

All of the water damage technicians on the Orange Restoration Columbia team are IICRC-certified professionals with years of experience providing 24/7 service.

When you have water damage, you’re likely to have problems with both small and large things in your home. This can include destruction of carpet, rotting of wood floods, damage to paint, wallpaper, furnishings and much more. We can help with all these things.

How? We take the following actions for you:

  • Inspection of the structure to assess the extent of the water damage
  • Elimination of the bulk of the water with extractors
  • Removal of furnishings to a dry offsite location
  • Haul off of unsalvageable items and materials
  • Drying of remaining structure with industrial fans and humidifiers
  • Air tests to determine completeness of the drying process
  • Mold abatement if necessary
  • Construction and restoration until everything is back to normal.


restoring residential water damage

Disaster Response In Dorchester, Richland And Berkeley Counties

Orange Restoration has been helping families and businesses with disaster response efforts since 2004.

disaster response dispatcher

Because we own power generators, commercial drying equipment and other tools of the trade, we can respond faster than companies that must rent equipment. At a time when others may experience delays serving people in Dorchester, Richland and Berkeley counties because of equipment shortages and a lack of subcontractors, we’re fully staffed, fully equipped and ready to meet your immediate needs.

It’s the nature of our business to go where the problems are and to meet the needs of people and businesses around North America. In the past, our company has helped people impacted by disaster in Calgary, Seattle, Denver, Birmingham and more. Very few projects are beyond the scope of our nationwide disaster response team.

Orange Restoration Columbia’s team of flood cleanup experts are on the ground in Dorchester, Richland and Berkeley counties and beyond, helping clients now. We can help you too.

We can help when:

  • hospitals are impacted by bacteria because of water, wind and other losses.
  • homes are made unlivable because of sudden flood losses.
  • microbial assessment is necessary to determine if remediation work has been successful.
  • risk assessment is needed to determine if an ecological concern is overy.
  • a water damaged structure must be mitigated, corrected and restored.
  • and more.

You Can Have Confidence In Us

At Orange Restoration Columbia, we’ve here for you if you’ve been impacted by the recent flooding or have other need for water damage restoration in South Carolina or beyond. The disaster has happened, but we can put things right.

The catastrophic flooding in this area is being called one of the most prolific rain events in the modern history of the United States. Never has more rain fallen in a single month — in a single day in some locations. So many people were impacted by the storm system that most restoration companies are overbooked and overworked. The company you called previously may not be able to get to you despite their efforts.

As experienced, professional restoration experts, we have the right skills, equipment and techniques to help a large number people like you who have been impacted by the South Carolina flooding. Please call us now for immediate action.

To contact us and get started with the disaster response process, the flood cleanup and the water damage restoration at your property, call (803) 560-0604. We’re here for you in your hour of need.

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